What Inspires

Something that always gets me pumped is looking though these female oriented surf magazines like the Australian based, Surfgirl. Female surf mags are very rare to come by which is why I’m super excited to have stumbled upon Surfer Magazine’s newest addition, Salted. Why is it so rare to find these? Female surfers have been around as long as male surfers.

Every time I pick up a general surf magazine, its aimed solely at the dudes. Nothing in those mags feel relatable. At least The Surfers Path tends to focus more on the journey and philosophy of the surfer and doesn’t place any gratuitous “bro” ads for cheap thrills.

Bust isn’t exactly a surf mag, dare I say that it’s a feminist magazine! It certainly strays far from your Cosmo or Glamor mags and it centers on promoting female empowerment to do whatever you feel like! Articles cover topics such as social issues and independent women. It has certainly inspired me to start this blog and keep doing what I love, including surfing.

Now there are countless books out there that teach you the “know-how” on surfing. My sister gave me this one, The Girls Guide to Surfing. I’ve let all my friends borrow it because it great! Full of illustrations and facts that cover all the fundamentals to surfing. It’s a good starter book.